On the first day of SXSW 2018, John Paul spoke on a panel entitled Giving Back Rocks: How Austin Brands Do It with prominent Austin philanthropists Kendra Scott and Andy Roddick. Though they all have different backgrounds and brands, each of these leaders has their own approach that has been a part of their lives from a young age. 

John Paul talked about how his mother instilled in him the importance of giving back. He went on to mention partners Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Sea Shepherd and Grow Appalachia. You can read more about it at Community Impact



PLH Ride 2018

We get asked about our name a lot -- why Peace, Love & Happiness? To us, it's not just a name or a collection of abstract ideas; it's long been John Paul's approach to life and philanthropy. Sixteen years ago, John Paul founded the Peace, Love & Happiness Ride with his friend Gary Spellman. Together, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities over the years by riding motorcycles, hosting amazing concerts and inviting friends to come along. Our foundation was born out of that same idea -- live your life by these principles and invite people to the celebration. See you at PLH 2018!  ☮ ❤ :)


Good Fortune

For our first update, we want to introduce the film Good Fortune by Josh and Rebecca Tickell. The documentary will give you a great idea of who John Paul DeJoria is and what he is all about from the perspective of his friends Dan Ackroyd, Danny Trejo, Michelle Phillips and more. Many of our partners and their work are featured as well!

Available now on iTunes and Amazon